Mixed-Use Development

Over the last ten years, mixed-use design has changed how developers approach building in traditional centers of commerce. In lieu of building single-use developments in several different zoning districts, developers are proposing multi-use projects in one distinct location. The premise for this design concept is that consumers will have several different providers located at one convenient destination. Add housing to the mix and that convenience is now literally at the consumer’s doorstep. This type of structure described in one word is “synergy”, where the whole is greater than the sum of the individual parts. The inherent risks involved with mixed-use developments are hitting the mark for demand on all uses in the development and entitlement issues.

Having a company that understands market demand for commercial, retail, office and housing is imperative to the success of the development. Equally as important is having a partner that is able to navigate the uncharted waters of zoning approvals for projects of this nature. Typically municipalities don’t have a zoning classification for mixed-use projects, which can result in substantial delays to the developer’s timetable. The Gryphon Group has developed multiple mixed-use projects so we have the ability to accurately hit our target markets for the proposed uses of the development and we are able to swiftly move through the entitlement process.



The Landing
Marquette, MI

The Landing is an $87 million dollar mixed-use development located in downtown Marquette on the shores of Lake Superior. The project is comprised of commercial, retail, office and residential space, which includes shopping, a hotel, professional office space, a marina and condominiums. The Gryphon Group was hired as a consultant to pursue Brownfield Credits from the State as the property was contaminated due to years of industrial use. As a result of our efforts, the developer was awarded $10 million in Brownfield Credits for the redevelopment of this beautiful shoreline site.

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