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People are becoming more aware of their surroundings and how they affect the environment. As such, Green design standards have been enacted as a means of ensuring the production of more efficient and eco-friendly buildings. At the Gryphon Group we understand the need for implementing Green criteria and more importantly, we have the knowledge to do so in a cost effective and attractive way. Prior to selecting a site we consider several factors such as land usage, walkability, location and capacity of utilities, adaptive reuse of existing structures, avoiding wetlands impact and ability to incorporate alternative energy sources.

During plan design we integrate high efficiency mechanical and plumbing systems, low VOC paints, green label carpet and recycled materials, all in an effort to provide a product that has minimal impact on the environment and is cost effective to the user. The Gryphon Group has the knowledge and ability to build green, which allows developers to help preserve our environment for generations to come. Our development team incorporates green components in each of our developments using criteria from nationally recognized programs such as LEED.




Lexington Square Apartments
Fennville, MI

Located in Fennville, Michigan, Lexington Square Apartments was designed and built using Green criteria. The 49-unit development is in close proximity to the downtown, and is located on a previously used site. It utilizes existing infrastructure, incorporates an extensive rainwater capturing system, and features high efficiency plumbing, electrical, heating, and cooling systems. To add to the healthy living concepts, we also installed green label carpet, ceramic tile, and eco-friendly low VOC paint. By incorporating the environmentally friendly features above, Lexington Square was eligible for and received grant money, which made the development economically feasible. Residents are benefitting from extremely low energy bills, and the many healthy living attributes of this property.

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